Gunnar Liestoel

University of Oslo

Gunnar Liestøl is Professor at the Dept.of media & Communication, University of Oslo, and has a magster artium degree in General and Comparative Literature and a dr. philos. degree in Media Studies ('Essays in Rhetorics of Hypermedia Design'). He has developed several hypermedia systems, including the awardwinning 'Kon-Tiki interactive' (Voyager 1996). Liestøl has written and edited many books, among them: Liestøl et al. (eds.) 'Digital Media Revisited. Theoretical and conceptual innovations in digital domains.' (MIT Press 2004). Liestøl have directed the INVENTIO/SITSIM-project since 2006, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, among others. It is directed towards the theory & practice of Digital Genre Design in situated and sensory media. Published apps from the project includes: 'Roman Forum' (iOS/Android), 'Nytt Museum' (iOS/Android) and 'Borrehallen' (iOS).