An evening fireside chat: on leadership & change

Sebastian Chan, Australia

“You work at a museum because you love it. It is never about the money. If it was, you’d work at [redacted]. So stop complaining.”

Museum technologists are moving up the ranks. And museum directors and boards are becoming more savvy. But why does it feel so difficult?

In a fireside chat, accompanied by port, several senior museum leaders (who all started in technology roles) will talk candidly about how change really works in museums, and share war stories. They will speculate about the future and which technology trends are really going to matter to museums 5 and 10 years from now, and offer advice on how to strategically position your institution.

[[RICH/NANCY – the idea for this is to have it in the evening, maybe FRIDAY, at a local venue. Keep it as part of MW but as a way of extending it into the night in a way that suits Portland. We COULD do it in the day but it wouldn’t quite be the same. Idea is to pull in a few other people once we know who else is coming . . . ]]