Augmented Reality Forum: Are We There Yet?

Professional Forum
Laurie Stepp, USA

Conference participants are invited to bring their curiosity, or first-hand accounts of augmented reality experiences and projects to the MW2013 community in informal discussion. We can quickly review and critique  a number of projects and begin to sort out what works, what doesn’t, and why.

We can look at technical advances that have opened new possibilities for AR use in and around museums and historic sites, and new uses of old forms of augmentation, like audio.

How can AR help reveal the informational auras of objects and architectural settings, and also work to provide non-linear, immersive, affective learning experiences? Can AR help restore wonder and delight to an informal educational setting? Can computer vision and AR assign data to the real world in comfortable, intuitive and meaningful ways?

Participants will be asked to bring samples of projects that are underway at their institution, ideas in progress, AR experiences you have seen or are curious about, and AR experiences that we can test on site. This is an opportunity to pool knowledge of this rapidly developing medium.