Building a new museum

Ebelien Pondaag, The Netherlands , Anna Offermans, The Netherlands

In the Netherlands two museums are being merged into one new military museum. The former Legermuseum (Army Museum) and Militaire Luchtvaart Museum (Airforce Museum) together with three other military museums joined forces and the two mentioned are actually merging. The new museum has a joined collection and joined stories. A new building and new experience are currently under development. This is a unique opportunity to build website, app and in gallery interactive exhibits from scratch. It is also unique because of the organisation in the form of a public private partnership, and the cooperation with the Ministry of Defence. The consortium that has won the bid is not only building the new museum but is also responsible for financing, designing, utilizing and maintaining for 25 years. This changes the role of the museum organisation itself.

Our paper and presentation will cover the integral approach of the digital and physical parts of the museum. We will talk about the burden and opportunities of the organisational structure. Offers building from scratch new and better opportunities? Big projects can lead to big errors. How can we overcome this? Is an integral approach really possible with the amount of partners and disciplines involved? How can we incorporate new media from scratch? And how does the museum manage quality without knowing detailed budgets and organisational constructions?

The new museum opens late 2014. The design process finishes mid 2013. At Museums and the Web 2013 we will have learned a lot and will share our experiences with the audience. We will also show what is actually being built.