Destination Success: Sustaining your digital strategy

Carolyn Royston, United States

You’ve consulted across the organisation, you’ve drafted your strategy and you’ve begun to deliver exciting new projects, but there are still many challenges to overcome before you can safely say you’ve been successful in really making your organisation “think digital”.

This professional forum will focus on airing some of the ‘messy issues’ that can hinder the kinds of organisational change necessary to successfully deliver a digital strategy and to really embed digital at the heart of an organisation’s thinking and planning.

Issues like:

  • How to bring staff at all levels along with you, and keep them with you on the journey
  • How to ensure the organisation stops using outmoded processes in order to shift to more relevant digital ones
  • How to deal with blocking strategies, and power structures
  • How to fund and resource these new digital initiatives in economically challenging times
  • How to embed the changes for the long term and build on success and failures

Carolyn Royston, Imperial War Museums and Charlotte Sexton, National Gallery London will share their own experiences of these issues as they deliver their own digital strategies. Following on from their paper presented last year at MW12: Navigating The Bumpy Road: A Tactical Approach To Delivering A Digital Strategythis forum will open up the discussion to peers and will provide an opportunity to both share experiences and flesh out some practical ways of mitigating these challenges.

If you are currently tackling any of these issues in your own organisation and want an explore some strategies to help deal with them or, if you are at an earlier stage in the process and want to think in advance about how to plan and manage issues this session will provide both an opportunity to share with and learn from your colleagues and peers.