Navigating the Landscape of Digital Publishing Delivery

Kyle Jaebker, USA

As electronic reading devices (e-readers) become increasingly prevalent, more and more people are turning to these devices for long-form reading. As more e-readers are purchased and more content becomes available users will continue to look for new ways of consuming content outside of the traditional publishing models.

In addition to more people choosing to read on digital devices, the number of options for delivering digital content is continuing to grow. From ePub3 to Apples’ iBooks Author, to custom apps, each solution to digital publishing delivery has its own advantages and drawbacks. Whether it is the format that a given device will support or the features that a format offers, there are many variables one must consider when choosing how to publish content for e-readers.

As museums move into the realm of digital publishing it is important to understand the different delivery options available. Learn about the different delivery options available and how to choose the platform that works for you.