New mobile experience for Château de Versailles (France)

Vincent Roirand, France

With the use of Wezit Platform, a transmedia content and scenario software created by Mazedia, the new mobile multimedia visit of the gardens of Château de Versailles is based on a mix of regular scientific and social networks contents. This new mobile experience has been created in collaboration with Orange France (sponsor), Mazedia (for technology) and the Château de Versailles.

The overall system uses:

–       A platform where scenarios and all interactions on the site to visit can be defined , a design tool application profile to create new scenarios for other media sharing the same contents , a Digital Asset Management to manage scientific and social contents for all media.

–       A mobile application using social contents and new multimedia experiences for sound spacialization, and augmented reality.

We can present a demonstration of the whole chain to manage transmedia contents and interactivity and the visitors will have the opportunity to try the new multimedia experiences for Versailles.