What can museums learn from immersive theater?

Diane Borger, USA

Diane Borger is the producer who brought Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More to the US in 2009 (http://www.americanrepertorytheater.org/events/show/sleep-no-more). After an extended, sold-out run, the immersive theater production moved to New York, where it continues to play today (http://sleepnomorenyc.com).

The show has captured the imagination of numerous museum professionals, and has been the subject of blog posts, a lively Twitter conversation, and Google Hang-outs. “What if we designed exhibitions to have the same ‘dense, cinematic detail’ that Punch Drunk’s productions have?” asks Seb Chan in his post on Fresh & New(er) of 23 May 2012. “What if we made ‘wonderment’ our Key Performance Indicator?” (http://www.freshandnew.org/2012/05/sleep-more-magic-immersive-storytelling/ See also Ed Rodley’s post, http://exhibitdev.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/on-immersion-theatre-and-museums/ and comments on both.)

Please join Diane and Punchdrunk’s many museum fans and critics for an inspiring discussion of what museums can learn from immersive theater led by Seb Chan, Ed Rodley and Suse Cairns. We are all sure to be transformed by the experience!