The Salons are a development on the Unconference sessions that MW has hosted in the past, offering a hybrid of planned conversations and timely spontaneity. They are an opportunity for groups with shared interests on specific topics to come together without formal, peer reviewed presentations, but with the opportunity to begin self-organizing through blogs on this website in advance, and the possibility to continue the discussion online after our in-person meeting.

By connecting these special interest groups before and during the conference, we hope that some of the Salon gatherings will lead to more formal paper proposals and collaborations next year.

Please review the list of Salon topics below and add one if you wish.

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Salon Topics
4-5pm Ballroom left side: New Standards – beyond TourML
4-5pm Ballroom right side: Mobile web or mobile apps?
4-5pm Columbia: Natural History digitization
4-5pm Medford: Can we measure and explain the long-term impact of social media engagement on our audiences?
4-5pm Salon A/B: Museum video production: what are best practices anyway?
4-5pm Salon C/D: Mobile museum services – Reviewing evidence from users. What they really think about them, and how they really use them
4-5pm Salon G/H: Bleeding edge technologies
4-5pm Salon I: Crowdsourcing: citizen curators
5-6pm Ballroom: Museums and open culture
5-6pm Columbia: Visualizing visitors’ behavior
5-6pm Medford: What’s the Point of a Museum Blog?
5-6pm Mount Hood: Federated data sharing
5-6pm Salon A/B: Contemporary art collections and copyright
5-6pm Salon C/D: Allowing customers to define their own experience
5-6pm Salon G/H: Making the most of software as a service (like google)
5-6pm Salon I: Curation: evolving definitions for a digital age
Are audiences ready for digital exhibition catalogues?
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In this day an age, what makes a good museum website?
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