Ana Paula Gaspar

Which and where is the market of new information technology for museums?

Ana Paula Gaspar is a historian and has dived in culture, body and soul, especially in museums. She has participated in groups of studies on History of Science and Technique at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, and she has been working as a museum professional in the areas of communication and education for some years. She is an expert in social media and digital communication. In 2010 she became activator of Rede MMM, from the Museu das Minas e do Metal, in Belo Horizonte, a pioneer initiative in the universe of museums.
She has been diving increasingly deeper in a sea, seldom calm and often turbulent, pursuing ways and solutions to the challenges museums face. Ana Paula points out digital creative entrepreneurship as being the key element to museums. She advocates for a more strategic look into cultural institutions regarding the opportunities both the Internet and Mobile medias made possible. She has been an entrepreneur in Mutz - Guia Colaborativo de Museus (Collaborative Museum Guide) since 2011, and she is an active and an enthusiastic collaborator of important blogs and sites in the Brazilian scenario.