Alison Langmead

Director, Visual Media Workshop
University of Pittsburgh

Alison Langmead holds a joint faculty appointment between the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. During her career, she has always made a concerted effort to combine her enthusiasm for academic work with an equally strong drive to use her theoretical research in daily practice. This joint appointment reflects this goal.

For the Department of Art History and Architecture, Alison serves as the Director of the Visual Media Workshop (VMW). The mission of the VMW is to develop and encourage the creation of innovative methods for producing, disseminating and preserving the multimedia presentation of academic work. To achieve these objectives, she is currently designing a technologically-focused environment of collaboration and creativity where the University community can gather to create, share and preserve the visual presentation of their academic work.

For the School of Information Sciences, Alison serves as a faculty member within the Archives, Preservation and Records Management track of the Library and Information Sciences program. In her academic research, she is working on teasing out the nature of the relationship between the practice of active information management and the archival profession, both as a historical narrative and as a complex, changing process in contemporary America. This research, plus all of the theories, concepts and models that she teaches at SIS, are put into daily practice in her work at the VMW