Ed Bachta

Senior Application Developer
Indianapolis Museum of Art

Ed is a software developer who enjoys designing and implementing effective and engaging interactive experiences that empower people to explore and learn about the world around them. At the IMA he has developed exhibition websites and interactive features such as Virtual Rome for Roman Art from the Louvre, the ArtBabble video player, the IMA timeline calendar, and visualizations for the IMA Dashboard. In graduate school at UIUC he specialized in computer graphics and virtual reality, and then worked in the field of scientific and information visualization at NCSA and IUPUI before entering the museum community.

In addition to being fascinated with science, Ed is also interested in Edo-period and modern Japanese culture. He studied abroad in Japan for one year as an undergraduate and enjoys maintaining his language proficiency via Japanese media, from literature and news to anime and video games. Ed is also concerned about environmental sustainability, and has collaborated with the museum's sustainability team on projects covering topics from power monitoring and conservation in the machine room to environmental awareness in the Art and Nature Park.