Julia Fryett


Julia Fryett is a curator and producer with an expertise in contemporary art, film and digital media. She specializes in designing projects that bridge physical and digital space.

With eight years of experience in the art world, Julia has curated museum and gallery exhibitions around the world. She previously worked in a curatorial and sales capacity at the Mugrabi Collection. In 2009 she founded AKTIONSART, where she produced exhibitions and artist films.

Julia was a founder of the Americans for the Arts Young Benefactors and a member of Barack Obama's National Arts Policy Committee during the 2008 presidential campaign. She enjoys teaching and was a Guest Critic at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Julia graduated from Duke University with a BA in Literature, a BA in Public Policy Studies, and a minor in Music. Her studies focused on art history and management through the Leadership and the Arts Program at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy. She recently completed an MA in Film Curating from London Film School and participated on TransformatLab. Her master's dissertation was XHIBITOR - a multiplatform research project about transmedia and art exhibitions.