Kristen Arnold

Senior Software Developer
Dallas Museum of Art

Kristen' interest in computer programming began around the age of 9 in her home town of Greencastle, IN. When the college let out for the summer Kristen and her mother would go around the campus to go dumpster diving. One year someone left a Tandy 1000 next to the dumpster, which Kristen immediately snatched up. Without money for computer games, Kristen taught herself BASIC and started writing very simple text based games for something to play.

For many years, computers were only a hobby for Kristen until a good friend suggested she take a job with him at IQuest internet doing technical support. In her time there Kristen was promoted into the operations department and handled network infrastructure duties as well as building and maintaining internal websites until the company purchased a webhosting company.

After leaving IQuest, Kristen took a year off to pursue her interests in photography. This eventually led her to the local alt-weekly newspaper, where she began working as a photographer. A few months later Kristen applied for and was offered a position as IT Manager. Kristen joined the IMA as a web developer in 2009 and spends her time writing software for the IMA's online efforts.