Micheline Lelievre



First of all, I am a choreographer, and I am interested in all questions
related to the creative process. I have been thinking about the
relationship of space, perception and organisation for a long time …

My training as a dancer was influenced by my encounter with the thinking
and the technique of Merce Cunningham. It was the fun of organizing space
that caught my attention.

I quickly discovered that space can be reorganized indefinitely, and to
apply a poetic dimension has always been one of my preoccupations. By
poetic, I mean looking in a way that is not just utilitarian, but open to
unexpected perceptions and combinations. To surprise, to stimulate the
imagination, are creative possibilities.

I am of course interested in the work of perception, in the relationship of
the body to itself and to it’s environment, as long as this has to do with
The connection between oneself and the environment, whether it’s about
space or others in that space, is where my interests really begin.


I like nothing more than recombining compositions, and I always hope that
through the pleasure it brings me, the spectator will also discover new

For me, to be an artist implies that the world around us is subjective and
thus as imaginable, perceptible, possible, concevable as we like.
Since living is being in movement, the idea is to create movement with an
open mind. As a choreographer I search, I seek the unknown, question, go
towards… So, it’s this quest that has led me to work with researchers in
other fields as well.