Susan Chun

Chief Content Officer
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Susan Chun is Chief Content Officer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where she is responsible for the publishing, design, and new media division. Her work focuses on publishing; information management and collections aggregation; cultural data, intellectual property policy and open content initiatives; visualization; and advanced search strategies. She has led a number of pioneering multi-institutional research and development projects in the museum and library community including Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project. She currently serves as research director for Project Audience, an interdisciplinary collaboration of arts and culture organizations founded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, managing Project Audience's research into the uses of cultural event data. She researches, writes, teaches, and lectures regularly on museum publishing, IP policy, open content initiatives, information management, cataloguing, digitization, search and access, and social software.

Susan’s background in publishing includes work as an editor and publications manager at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Alfred A. Knopf, and the Asia Society, as well as fifteen years’ employment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where she managed the museum’s scholarly publishing program, handled its co-edition and international publishing contracts, and negotiated a worldwide distribution deal with Yale University Press. As the Met’s first Senior Editor for New Media, she served as editorial advisor for the launch of, was on the team that planned its award-winning Timeline of Art History, and managed the development of the museum’s earliest electronic publications. Later, as General Manager for Collections Information Planning in the Office of the Director, she was responsible for developing museum policy and strategy for intellectual property, asset management and archiving, digital imaging and licensing, cataloguing, and standards, and planned and managed Met Images, the museum’s first-ever digital asset management project.

She serves on the advisory committee of Conservation Reel, as a convening member of the Content Strategy Committee of the Digital Public Library of America, as a member of the National Education Advisory Council for Art 21, and as a publisher for Museums and the Web. She is a former faculty member in the graduate museum studies programs at the University of Lugano (Switzerland) and Johns Hopkins University.